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About the Creator/Host

Rita Phetmixay is the Creator, Host, Editor and Producer. 

Healing Out Lao’d is created, edited, mixed, hosted, and produced by Rita Phetmixay (she/they/boo), an independent audio producer and politicized healing practitioner based in Los Angeles. She is intentional in creating accessible healing spaces for folx with marginalized identities, with a particular focus on Lao diaspora communities.  

Rita has facilitated numerous identity, holistic mental health and wellness workshops at national conferences and higher institutions such as UNC-Chapel Hill, UCLA, and UC-Santa Barbara. She has 9+ years of experience working with various marginalized communities including immigrant/refugee communities, current/former foster youth, survivors of sexual/domestic/interpersonal violence and queer/trans* people of color. More about Rita and her work can be found at and her social media @ritamixa on Instagram and Twitter. 

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Series and Credits

Music and Beats produced by Andrew David Vilaythong, a producer, DJ, and visual artist based in Los Angeles. 

Logo design by Salong Namsa, entrepreneur, creator and founder of Laos Supply Clothing Brand and Movement.

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