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About the Show

Created and hosted by Rita Phetmixay, Healing Out Lao’d is a podcast platform and community practice space, exploring the intersections of Lao diaspora storytelling, healing and tools for sustainability!

Hxstorically, thousands of Lao folx fled Laos during the “Secret Civil War,” a name which gives so much reason as to why many Lao people still get the question: “where and what is Laos?” This contributes to the erasure of an entire population of people who escaped a violent war to begin new lives in foreign places across the globe. 

Questions HOL will answer

What does it mean to be a part of the Lao diaspora? 

What does it mean for future generations to access their authentic truths beyond surviving?

Show Information

Website: www.healingoutlaod.org

Patreon: www.Patreon.com/HealingOutLaod

Email: healingoutlaod@gmail.com

Season 1 wraps up December 2019 and Season 2 production begins 2020


The show is available to subscribe and listen to on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and TuneIn (see links below). It is also available on the website www.healingoutlaod.org.

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Lao Diaspora

This space is more than a collection of stories from the Lao diaspora and in no way does it intend to replace or overlook the intergenerational traumas Lao folx have experienced overtime. Rather, it serves as a landing point for the Lao diaspora to acknowledge and nurture their truths, heal from past traumas, move forward and thrive. Essentially, HOL is a holistic mental health and wellness resource and show for the people, by the people. 

Since launching in March 2019, Healing Out Lao’d has featured guests from the Lao diaspora whose nuanced stories ranged from the intersections of the Lao Food Movement, chefing, queerness, DJing in the most renowned major resort city, working with high level professional sports teams, dance, music, poetry, higher education, vulnerability, heartbreaks, bullying, identity development, writing, professional acting, politics, entrepreneurship, social media and much more! In addition, there are two published episodes in the #HealTheHealer Series that focuses on shining light on stories from people in Rita’s life who have supported her healing journey. 

Today, Healing Out Lao’d proudly has over 200 ratings and reviews on Itunes and has recently achieved the ranking as #1237 on the Apple Podcasts Health chart in the United States of America. The show is currently seeking sponsorships and is in the process of launching a patreon campaign to support the production of season two to include more Lao perspectives outside of the U.S.A.


Media Assets Here

Download HOL press kit and media assets by clicking the logo. Media assets include main cover art, wide version of cover art, and a photo of creator/host Rita Phetmixay with Carole Pavina setting up for an interview (photo credit: Joy Ngaosivath).

What People are Saying...

“Your podcast is amazing, and I've assigned eps 0 and 1 of HOL to my class for tomorrow, Asian American Studies 107:  Scholarly and Creative Communication in Asian American Studies. If you have any words of wisdom you would like me to impart to the students, please feel free to let me know and I can pass that along. “

UCLA Asian American Studies Professor

“I am so impressed with how calming and energizing this podcast is at the same time. Rita gently guides you into a safe and healing space while shedding light on real issues and making you feel welcome. I’m not Lao, and you don’t need to be to find a gem in this podcast. I love the mini tool-focused episodes that alternate with the interviews, they are so helpful in teaching practices to incorporate into your own life. I can’t tell you how many times I was brought to tears hearing the stories—in a good and cleansing way—and then I was brought to laughter right after. Definitely hyped that this part of my weekly podcast list. Thank you for doing this for your community and friends, fam!”

— Apple Podcasts Reviewer

“Rita has an amazing voice, and to be able to hear her own story and experience in person was something that was truly impactful. This podcast being accessible has opened so many more doors to healing and expansion of story that it deserves much more praise and attention!”

— Apple Podcasts Reviewer

“Healing Out Lao'd is a captivating artistic masterpiece of a minority group under a minority yet under another minority group. It is an inspirational space not only for Laotion Americans effected by The Secret War but for all Southeast Asian groups effected by America's involvement in the Vietnam War. Thank you for this creation and allowing the hidden narratives and gems to be heard.”

— Apple Podcasts Reviewer

“This podcast is simply groundbreaking. Rita has not only tapped into her own Lao community, but most importantly a niche and overlooked audience in so many ways. Growing up Laotian, you are not taught to elaborate our feelings nor recognize that vulnerability can be a strength. Self-care and healing is almost an entirely new concept in our culture as we are conditioned to serve others. These episodes are amazing dives into the connection between Laotian history and who we are today in America. Healing Out Lao’d is aptly titled as Rita and her guests get personal; listening is therapy in itself.”

— Apple Podcasts Reviewer