My style is fun, warm and filled with love and compassion!

As a community coach, educator, and politicized healing practitioner, it is my goal to collaborate with individuals and communities to co-create safe spaces where folx can flourish in their authenticity. I have facilitated a number of holistic mental health and wellness workshops and trainings for student groups at higher educational institutions and community-based organizations. The diverse groups I have supported include current/former foster youth, survivors of gender-based violence, QTPOC (Queer/Trans People of Color), undocumented immigrants/refugees, and first-generation students. My own experiences and survivorhood grant me an intimate connection to each of these identity groups, as well as the great honor to support them achieve a thriving state of mind.



Core Values & Practices


My core values and practices are guided through a holistic framework including a further acknowledgement of:

Healing Justice

The need to create accessible healing spaces for communities impacted by interpersonal and institutional violence and meeting them where they are at. Healing Justice works to elevate individual and collective liberation through the means of centering self-care needs, inner work, body-based healing strategies to help sustain oneself in the greater movement for positive social change.


The notion that we as people are interconnected to systems, the land, plants, animals and how we are impacted will send a rippling impact on the environment that surrounds us.

Somatic practices

The body as a navigational system filled with trillions of cells that are constantly impacted by surrounding institutions and systems. Integrating embodied movement work and breath can allow for greater connection between the spiritual self, heart, and mind.

Intergenerational wisdom & resilience

Keeping in mind the ancestral wisdom and cultural traditions passed from previous generations that resource us in navigating challenging situations.

Individual & collective action

Committing to action on an individual/collective level that strengthens our authentic truths.


Events + Community

We are the bearers of our truths, and cannot deny how future generations will be impacted by the stories we decide to share.
— Rita Phetmixay