subscribe + listen to hol

First - what is a podcast? It’s like listening to a free radio show you can access wherever you have a cellphone, tablet, laptop, etc. (basically any device) that has internet access! You can subscribe to HOL on the following platforms:


 Steps for Accessing HOL:

  1. Choose a device you want to start listening to Healing Out Lao’d and make sure there is adequate internet access

  2. If you have an iPhone, the most accessible and free podcast app go-to is the Apple Podcasts app, which is also linked to your iTunes page on a laptop, desktop, or tablet

  3. If you have an Android, Spotify is a pretty popular means to listen, but there’s also the options to listen via Google Play Music, Stitcher or TuneIn

  4. Search for “Healing Out Lao’d” on any of these platforms and a square blue ocean icon with “HOL” in big white letters in a rectangular box will pop up

  5. Click the “Subscribe” button on the app to get the latest updates on new episodes!

  6. Start listening to available episodes on your own time