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Sabaidee, fam! My name is Rita Phetmixay (pronouns: she/they) and I identify as a Lao Isaan American womxn, femme, educator, activist, survivor, and politicized healing practitioner. I have the honor of being a facilitator of all things centered around a culture of care, love and positive social change. As a daughter of Lao Isaan refugees and a sister to many, I strive to create a world centered in the liberation of oppressed communities, with a particular focus on the Lao diaspora and the intersections of QTBIPOC communities. 

Through the lens of healing and transformative justice, I am committed to this work by applying it to the self, intra/interpersonal relationships, and institutional organizations. I enjoy cultivating humor + laughter + comedy in all levels of my work. These are some of the many ways I have been able to embody my wholeness and heal. In my current work, I support building holistic wellness and resilience of UCLA transfer students, as well as work with students in distress via case management services.


my story

As a survivor of multiple forms of trauma, I come to this work with a personal lens of what it means to build resilience to work through challenging experiences, using a variety of holistic healing modalities that are unique to clients’ identities, backgrounds, and experiences.


my mission

My mission is to create accessible wholistic healing spaces around the globe, centering the voices of Lao Americans, QTBIPOC and other diasporic communities of color.


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