Rita is the best! ๐Ÿ’›

โ€œWhat Rita has done with Healing Out Lao'd is absolutely incredible. She not only interviews so many amazing Lao folks from across the diaspora, but also creates such a safe space for real deep conversations to emerge. You can hear the empathy in her tone, the intentionality in her word choices and phrasing, and the love and admiration she has for each of her guests. And the HEALING is real, y'all. Topics range from fierce familial love to mental health to intergenerational trauma to self-love to community advocacy, and everything in between. There have definitely been a few moments where I would suddenly tear up, caught off guard by an anecdote or affirmation or my own similar memory. I know that so many of us SEAA folks didn't really grow up seeing ourselves represented, and the significance of Healing Out Lao'd is not lost on us. Thank you, Rita, for creating this platform <3โ€