Joy N.

“I feel that Rita Phetmixay is a game changer when it comes to her approach to mental health and healing in the Lao Community. Not only is she extremely well educated in her academic approach, Rita is well grounded in her holistic mannerism. Anyone who comes into contact with Rita's platform will be able to gain insight to their personal growth. She is a strong community leader. Anything that she facilitates will have an element of laughter, healing and abundance.”

— Joy N., Femtee

Stephanie F.

“Rita, I value your compassion, love, and emotional intelligence!! Since day one, you have always had powerful dialogues with me about healing, systems of power, higher education, and social justice. Thank you for modeling what vulnerability, self-love, and inner work looks like. Because of you, I continue to be vulnerable, cry, and share my sensitivity while also cultivating the deepest love within myself. I feel blessed to know your authentic self, and always have you support my growth.”

— Stephanie F., Femtee

Derick S.

“Once I met Rita, we instantly clicked! She has been nonstop so supportive, understanding, enlightening, and inspirational! I am so proud of her with all that she has accomplished and all that she will succeed in the future!! She has such a loving soul and spirit, nothing can get in her way. A great representation of numerous, diverse communities. The world should get ready for Rita!”

— Derick S., Collaborator