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The current state of politics have made more visible the direct violence and oppression communities have faced for years.

As a result, language around burnout, compassion fatigue and self-care have become increasingly prevalent in professional settings. Navigating organizational culture can be extremely challenging when pitted against these parameters. Rita works with communities and organizations to restore a sense of trust and to cultivate sustainable work cultures--one that that is healing-centered, dignifying and inspiring. This collaborative approach works well as Rita draws from her own experiences of facilitation, as well as taps trusted individuals in her networks to offer insight when appropriate. Explore the various offerings below to resource you in your leadership.





Workshop topics can range from:

  • Intergenerational Trauma + Healing + Resilience

  • Holistic Mental Health & Wellness

  • Anxiety/Stress Management

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Diversity & Conflict Management

  • Intergroup Dialogue


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